tra-1200.pngThe old computer lab are with conventional desktop pc. Itsmanagement and maintenance usually is handled by IT administrators. But this kind of old computer management mode can not meet current student's teaching requirements. Sometimes, it limits teaching process.

The following are disadvantages of using conventional desktop pc.

The teacher monitor students' screen require a very expensive teaching software

Difficult maintenance for multiple desktop PC

Hard to install system for all devices

Easy to get a virus during using

High cost: hardware cost, power consumption, maintenance


But now, we would like to introduce a R2 zero client solution for global computer labs. The solution not only can solve above mentioned questions, but it’s very competitive. That’s why we exist.

R2 zero client solution:


Total 4 parts:

1, Server, 2, Zero Client, 3, Vnopn Software, 4, A General pc.


Here's example for a computer lab with 30 students.

Working principle

Deployments are as follows.


Prepare ONE server, ONE general pc, ONE switch

with gigabit Ethernet,

VNOPN software, 30pcs for

each items(zero clients,

network cable, monitors, keyboards, mouses)

First, make zero clients connect to monitor and other necessary peripherals. Second install “Hserver”program on server. Then install both“Hmanager”and “Hteacher”software on general pc. Finally, connect to start. When connecting, users should activate server and make sure all device are in the same network segment. Process of deploying a computer lab with 60 students almost the same with above one. One thing different is that user need to add ONE more server. One server connect 30 zero clients. Two server can connect 60 zero clients. So user can configure and control two servers on Hmanager program.

60user-2.pngBefore class, teacher

should deploy working

environment first on

Hmanager. Firstly, teacher

should create desktop for

partial or all terminals. Then

choose partial or all

terminals(Ctrl+A), make them to login server by right-click on mouse. If

there any seat space limits, teacher can set seat NO. for students

according to real seat space. After finishing, then teacher should close Hmanager program and run Hteacher program to start class.


When the lesson begins, the teacher can with one-key broadcast his desktop to all students, which enable every student to see clearly the teaching contents and operating steps. This assure high teaching learning effect. Even when students have independent learning ability, the teacher can continue to monitor all operating behaviors. It greatly simplifies multi-user management. The teacher can send the session to the absent-minded student. If the student doesn’t correct their behavior, the teacher can force to control of their terminals. When students want to ask any question, they can directly click hand up button and interact with the teacher. Students using U disks may unintentionally infect the computers. To avoid this problem, the teacher can set the students’ USB peripheral permissions. To check the learning result after class, the teacher can send e-papers for a quiz. And better prepare lessons according to students’ testing result. After class, the teacher can with one key to turn off students’ terminals but also make a whole-class check and summarize students' operation behavior in class.

Benefits of R2 zero client solution:

With R2 solution, we help you to save 80% in its capital cost and 95% in maintenance cost. 

R2-save-cost1200.jpgSince each zero client uses only 5W power, which make one seat with 95% saving in power consumption. As upgrade zero clients by one key press, which can save 90% cost on its future upgrade.

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