Solution for Real-estate industry

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If you have answered ‘Yes’ to any of the questions, this could be one of the most important things you read all year.


For real-estate industry,budgets are tight to cover both hardware and software,managing IT services can prove to be a daunting task. SHAREVDI create a strong technological backbone that allows these businesses to avoid the common problem of growing at a rate that is too fast for their infrastructure to handle.

First,let’s make it clear,what does one real-estate company need exactly?


 1) Internet

 2) Email or use the other specific software that is appointed by company.

 3) MS software such as WORD,OFFICE,PPT.

 The above all,SHREVDI X5 can do it easily!


Then,what’s more can X5 do for real-estate industry?

a. Go green with SHAREVDI X5 and SAVE on electricity cost.

What the power consumption comparison means to a real-estate is that the company can save more than 80% in electricity cost per year!图片6.jpg

b. Save space,X5 is only 1/30 of the traditional desktop volume,it can be also mounted behind the monitor via vesa bracket.

Easy to manage,all software required can be installed in the center server,then all users can share the software by thin client.

In another word,once there is a sudden black out for thin client,you would not lose the data.When thin client reboots,u can find all data and website are still there and nothing change.

c. High security in daily work

To avoid the company data being copied,you can disable the usb flash disk on X5,and set up a password to prevent the staff resetting the setup.


d. No License fee

All thin client works by RDP protocol that is authorized by Microsoft  company,you just need to buy only 1 license for the server,all users  can share the license fee with the server,how cost-effective solution it is!


Then how can we use thin client X5? Is it complicated or difficult to deploy the network environment?

Actually it is very easy to realize the environment with X5.

For example,now there is one real-estate that requires 20 computers for staffs,what do we need now? 

First,we need 1 server and 20 units of thin client X5.


Then,router for server,KB,mouse and switch for different thin client users.

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With X5,every user can login the server by their own user account,it is high safety and convenient for multi-users in daily work.


Not only that,X5 costs only half of traditional PC!you can save in license fee,electricity fee,computer fee and more.

Being employed with RDP8.0 protocol and Remote FX,X5 brings the excellent browsing experience for users,it is widely used for more industries,such as education,enterprise,Call center and more.


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