Nowadays, many companies are facing a problem of expensive hardware and software when using conventional pc. Data security of company has become many founder's headache. Besides, high power consumptions, maintenance cost will cause more extra cost for company.


In order to help customers solving above questions, we issue zero client solution for enterprises. The solution consist of three parts: server, zero client box and management software. Server will be install management software so as to configure, control and monitor terminals. Zero client box connect to server through HVDP protocol which is researched and developed by our own R&D team.


 After connecting to server, users can run as many applications on server and share all server resource. Offering you a excellent real pc using experience. Like full HD 1080P video display, doing autocad and 3D design smoothly.


With only 5 watts power consumptions, that’s energy-saving and achieve green computing. Comparing to traditional desktop computer, zero client solution with centralized management mode make users very easy to update box hardware and convenient for maintenance. That can save up to 90% cost on both future upgrade and maintenance. The solution is not only for help customers saving cost, but it can enhance data security of company. With USB redirection funtion, that can avoid the risk of getting virus and forbid users to download or copy confidential documents. Besides, each zero client box support connecting USB printer, USB scanning gun etc..


With zero client solution, that can help customers save lots cost for the whole seat setting and makes colleagues concentrate on their work so as to improve working efficiency. Then how to deploy? The steps are as follows.


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