Holiday from 2nd to 4th,April Date:2016/03/30     Views:42

Holidays for 3 days off,from 2nd/April to 4th/April,2016.

Baytrail MINI PC
NEW Baytrail Z3735F MINI PC is available! Date:2016/02/19     Views:132

Great to inform NEW model K600 is available now,it runs Baytrail Z3735F Quad Core CPU,embedded Windows 10 Pro.

Holiday Notice of Chinese New Year Date:2016/01/21     Views:77

1st to 14th,Feb would be Chinese New Year holiday,the last date of despatch is 26th,Jan,please freely email us during holiday,thanks!

SHAREVDI's annual meeting in 2015 come to a successful end! Date:2016/01/20     Views:77

Thanks to your continual support,SHAREVDI's annual meeting in 2015 so successfully concluded

Holiday Notice Date:2015/12/24     Views:44

SHAREVDI would have 2 holiday on Jan of 2016,please let us know in advance if any PO,thanks!

SHAREVDI LOGO UPDATE Date:2015/12/04     Views:78

Dear Customers,We are pleased to inform that SHAREVDI would adopt new logo from 1st,Jan,2016.To make the logo easier to identify,the original logo design changes a little bit.Please kindly note,all the goods package will adopt this new logo from Year 2016

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