SHAREVDI Thin Client supports multiple protocols,it offers a rich computing experience that supports high resolution, full frame rate 3D graphics, HD video and audio, dual displays and USB peripheral connectivity.Virtualization.jpgSHAREVDI Thin Clients.jpg

Highly scalable software for SHAREVDI Thin Clients.jpg

Friendly UI interface.jpgPowerful security.jpgAdvantage of SHAREVDI thin client

*Low total cost of ownership

Free license fee for local linux image,one-time charge for permanent software use.

The total cost of ownership is then drastically reduced.

*Slim and quiet design

Fanless mini design allows it to be mounted behind the monitor with a VESA Mount.

SHAREVDI Thin Client creates a simple and noiseless workplace environment.

*Easy management and maintenance

Since all computing tasks are mainly performed on a server, all hardware and software issues are significantly reduced on the client side. All user management, software installations, system management, and upgrades are done on a single server.


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