AMD A6-1450 Low Power CPU into VDI Best Hardware Choose

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AMD is the world's second-largest X86-based CPU manufacturer, released a CPU A6-1450 that consumes only 15W.

It is2a6f1a77-b43a-43e1-88e0-0be6c3968521._CR0,0,300,300_PT0_SX300__.png with the Temash Jaguar architecture (like the PS4), Quad core 64-bit APU processor, Maximum operating frequency is 1.4G and with graphics card Radeon HD 

8250, provides closer to PC performance.


AMD originally launched the A6-1450 for the ultrabook and tablet platform. However, due to the huge impact of the ARM platform, AMD and INTEL have not achieved much success in this field. INTEL even disbanded the department in the end. However, Desktop virtualization growed continuously in recent years, AMD A6-1450 has become the best choice for Desktop Virtualization Client Terminal(also called as thin clients) because of its unique advantages.



Desktop Virtualization is mainly a working mode that relies on the computing and storage capabilities of the server to virtualize the system desktop from the server side to the client side through the virtualization protocol. 

Its characteristics are as follows:

1, High security

2, Easy manage

3, Green office

4, Low power consumption and so on

Now it is widely used in office, education and other industries, 

Since all calculations and storage are concentrated on the server side, So the hardware requirements for the client side are not high. 

But the client's hardware must meet:

1, low power consumption

2, Small and stable, 

3, Strong decoding ability of video and graphics, 

4, Support Windows7/8/10/Linux

5, Strong and able to provide multi-threaded operations.

We hope we can offter one cost-effective client terminal for VDI solution, then our K1 was born.

K1 becomes the best terminal choice of Desktop-Virtualization-Solution,it is successfully deployed to various industry VDI solution and becomes a star product!


Quad-core 64-bit Turbo capability, pefect work on WIN 7/10 system as the underlying operating system


The powerful Radeon HD 8250's graphics card capability fully supports H.264, and its 1080p video playback is very power efficient.

More importantly, this chip is not only more powerful than INTEL's low-power chip, but also has better compatibility. It is not only troublesome for WIN XP/7/10, but also supports the various versions of LINUX. Wake-on-LAN, remote boot, and PXE boot are also supported.


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