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About Careprsot

Careprost is an ophthalmologic and cosmetic preparation. It is used to enhance growth, thickness and pigmentation of the eyelashes. Initially, the drug was used in the treatment of increased intraocular pressure.

In the course of its growth, old cilia fall out, and new cilia begin to grow and this is normal. However, if you want to suspend this process and extend the life of old eyelashes in order to make the look more attractive, then Careprost is ideal. Due to constant use, the drug stops hair loss and prolongs their life.

Old cilia do not block the growth of new ones; this allows both to grow at the same time, making the ciliary row thicker and longer. More about what is Careprost for eyelashes, reviews about it, photos before and after applying further.

What is the composition of Careprost?

The main component of the cosmetic is bimatoprost. Thanks to him, additional nutrition of the hair follicles takes place, the exchange processes of the eyelashes are improved.

Also includes:

Where i can buy Careprost online?

To buy Careprost online you need to follow the link to a safe and high-quality online store.

How to use Careprost for eyelashes:

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