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About Claritin

The drug Claritin is an antihistamine agent, a selective blocker of peripheral H1-histamine receptors. Clinical studies have shown that the improvement of the condition of most patients began during the first 30 minutes of Claritin use. The antiallergic effect develops during the first 30 minutes after taking the drug, reaches a maximum within 8–12 hours and lasts 24 hours. Loratadine and its metabolites do not penetrate the BBB. Claritin does not affect the central nervous system, does not show anticholinergic and sedative effects, does not affect the speed of psychomotor reactions. When conducting a clinical study in which Claritin was used for 90 days at a dose that was 4 times higher than the therapeutic one, there was no clinically significant lengthening of the Q – T interval on the ECG.

Indications for use:

The drug Claritin is prescribed for:

- seasonal (pollinosis) and year-round allergic rhinitis and allergic conjunctivitis (to eliminate the symptoms associated with these diseases - sneezing, itching of the nasal mucosa, rhinorrhea, burning sensation and itching in the eyes, tearing);

- Chronic idiopathic urticaria;

- skin diseases of allergic origin.

Mode of application:

The drug Claritin is prescribed by mouth, regardless of the meal.

Adults (including the elderly) and adolescents over the age of 12 years old are recommended to take Claritin at a dose of 10 mg (1 tab. Or 2 teaspoons / 10 ml / syrup) 1 time / day.

For patients with impaired liver function or renal failure, the initial dose should be 10 mg (1 tab. Or 2 teaspoons / 10 ml / syrup) every other day.

Children aged 2 to 12 years, the dose of Claritin is recommended to be prescribed depending on body weight: with a body weight less than 30 kg - 5 mg (1/2 tab. Or 1 tsp / 5 ml / syrup) 1 time / day, with a weight body 30 kg or more - 10 mg (1 tab. or 2 teaspoons / 10 ml / syrup) 1 time / day.

Where i can buy Claritin Generic over the counter?

To buy Claritin generic over the counter, you need to follow the link to a safe and high-quality online pharmacy.

Side effects:

The incidence of side effects with Claritin is approximately the same as with placebo. There were such side effects as fatigue, headache, drowsiness, dry mouth, gastrointestinal disturbances (nausea, gastritis), allergic rash. During the studies, isolated cases of alopecia, anaphylaxis, abnormal liver function, tachycardia, and palpitations were observed.


The drug Claritin is contraindicated:

- age up to 2 years;

- lactation period (breastfeeding);

- Hypersensitivity to loratadine or any other component of the drug.

With caution should be prescribed the drug during pregnancy, liver failure.


The use of Claritin during pregnancy is possible only if the intended benefit to the mother outweighs the potential risk to the fetus.

The active components of the drug are excreted in breast milk, so when prescribing the drug during lactation, it is necessary to decide on the termination of breastfeeding.


Symptoms: drowsiness, tachycardia, headache.

Treatment: gastric lavage (preferably 0.9% sodium chloride solution), taking adsorbents (powdered activated carbon with water), symptomatic agents. Loratadine is not excreted by hemodialysis.

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