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About Female Viagra

Following the instructions, Amoxil is administered by infusion and oral administration.

Infusion (intravenous) administration is carried out by a jet or at a different period of life, each woman may experience a decrease in sexual desire or other sexual disorders. Stress, severe childbirth, gynecological diseases, age and hormonal changes, change of sexual partner - this is an incomplete list of the factors affecting the sexual desire of a girl and her ability to enjoy sexual intercourse. Female Viagra is a drug that helps to increase feelings during sex due to blood flow to the pelvic organs and genitals, to improve the quality of intimacy.

Viagra for women

The drug Viagra, originally designed to improve male potency, was soon adapted for the female body, because representatives of the beautiful half of humanity sometimes need to increase sexual arousal. Female Viagra is designed to enhance the sensitivity of the female genital organs, taking the drug helps to increase the girl's libido and her ability to achieve a bright orgasm.

Composition and release form

The drug Viagra for women is available in the form of pink diamond-shaped tablets containing 25, 50 or 100 mg of sildenafil, an active active ingredient, restoring the body’s natural physiological response to sexual arousal.

How does Female Viagra

Generic Viagra, designed for women, restores the physiological characteristics of the reaction of the girl's body to sexual stimulation. According to studies, most women who took the pills, there was an increase in sexual desire and quality received during sexual intercourse pleasant sensations. The effect of Viagra on women occurs due to the influence of sildenafil on the blood circulation in the pelvic organs and proceeds according to the following "scheme":

Where i can buy Female Viagra online over the counter?

To buy Female Viagra online over the counter, you need to follow the link to a high-quality and safe online pharmacy.

Female libido may decrease for various reasons, and not all cases need to take pills. The indications for taking Viagra for women are sexual dysfunctions associated with the onset of menopause or hormonal changes in the postpartum period, as well as during periods of recovery after suffering severe gynecological diseases, due to which the woman has lost the ability to experience orgasm during sexual intimacy.

Dosing and Administration

Viagra for women is not addictive, but the reception should be carried out in accordance with the recommendations of the attending physician and the instructions contained in the instructions for use. A single dose of the drug (25, 50 or 100 mg) is selected in accordance with the reasons for the impaired sexual function and the individual characteristics of the patient's body. The tablet is taken half an hour before sexual intercourse, the effect is observed within 4-6 hours. Gynecologists do not recommend regular continuous reception, the treatment regimen is developed individually for each case.

special instructions

Viagra for girls can not be taken in conjunction with a number of other drugs (nitrates, nitrogen donators and beta-blockers). Fatty foods can weaken the absorption of female sildenafil, which will adversely affect the effectiveness of the drug. Due to the high probability of negative side effects, it is not recommended to combine the use of Viagra tablets with other female pathogens, psychotropic substances.

Viagra and alcohol

Instructions for use of Viagra for women does not recommend the joint intake of the drug with alcoholic beverages. Alcohol consumption increases the load on the cardiovascular system, therefore, in addition to weakening the stimulating effect of a drug, it can cause negative consequences in the form of arrhythmia, tachycardia, dizziness, and other reactions from the vascular and nervous systems of the body.

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