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VNOPN Release!


VNOPN Release!

Vnopn,Your ideal thin client solution for Classroom!

In the traditional multimedia classroom, the original small space has to be equipped with such a "big Mac", and it is unnecessary to say that it consumes electricity. The most important thing is that for the dozens of students present, the teacher is completely concerned.

But now, we have vnopn, everything becomes much simpler ~ "Big Mac" seconds change "small fresh", the traditional power 300W, and it, only 5W! When the teacher is ready to attend classes, the teacher can unify the students' computers with one button. In order to facilitate management, the teacher can define and change the names and passwords of the students in batches, and use the system to name and record the students.

When the lesson begins, the teacher can with one-key broadcast his desktop to all students, which enable every student to see clearly the teaching contents and operating steps. This assure high teaching learning effect. Even when students have independent learning ability, the teacher can continue to monitor all operating behaviors. It greatly simplifies multi-user management. The teacher can send the session to the absent-minded student. If the student doesn’t correct their behavior, the teacher can force to control of their terminals. When students want to ask any question, they can directly click hand up button and interact with the teacher. Students using U disks may unintentionally infect the computers. To avoid this problem, the teacher can set the students’ USB peripheral permissions. To check the learning result after class, the teacher can send e-papers for a quiz. And better prepare lessons according to students’ testing result. After class, the teacher can with one key to turn off students’ terminals but also make a whole-class check and summarize students' operation behavior in class.


For different needs, the combination of the two major hardware and the two major software is free to choose. And for different numbers of terminals, Vnopn also has different customized solutions. Of course, Vnopn is not only used in the education industry, but also widely used in various positions in corporate, financial, factory manufacturing, hotel management, and call centers. In addition, Vnopn offers a timeless upgrade package and long-term update service. If the configuration is not enough or you want better performance of the terminal box, just upgrade the server.