ShareVDI Factory Production Line Introduction:

1.SMT: we have 2 SMT lines, each line can produce 24000pcs motherboards every month.Then, How chip mounter working?The chipsets will be mounted in the motherboard according to the programming, the complete SMT for each motherboard work will take 1-3 days.After SMT, the motherboard will be taken to the aging room upstairs.

2.Assembling and QC Team:Our workers would assembly the case and motherboard according to the order requirement.After assembling,Our QC team will do complete inspection for the complete machine before they are sent to the aging test

3.Aging workshop:We have about 100 units monitors which are used for aging test of the motherboards. The functions of the motherboard will run 100% at the same time for 8 hours by the aging software, the test including CPU, GPU, memory, hard disk, sound chip and so on.

4.Laser caving room:There is a Laser Caving Department, they are specialized in serving customers who need logo and interface' signs customization

5.Packaging workshop:There is a workshop for packaging, we will attach the required stickers to the machine and do the final packing here.The express companies will come to pick up the items every afternoon, and they will process the cargos in different shipping method as required.

Production Procedure


Production workshop

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                 R&D Team                                                                 SMT Line                                                        Assembling Line

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                        QC Team                                                                      Aging Test                                                                Warehouse