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Industrial Automation


Industrial automation and control technologies continue to change production and manufacturing methods. Industrial automation can not only improve work efficiency and make work more accurate, but also improve the quality and durability of products. The most important thing is to provide plant owners with much-needed breathing space.

ShareVDI products are designed and manufactured by using industrial-grade components for reliability and long-term support. 

You no longer need to worry about the constant maintenance and reliability problems plaguing commercial-grade PC systems.

At present, ShareVDI's embedded industrial computer has become a powerful driving force behind the rapid expansion of industrial automation and other industries. From software, hardware to system, ShareVDI devouts can use all the resources you need for industrial automation. ShareVDI's industrial PCs include industrial Embedded PC,Industrial Panel PC, and integrated hardware system 



Factory automation

CNC machine tools

Energy, military, production, coal mining

Perfect security system

Industrial control solutions

Remote monitoring system

Test and measurement

Smart home



Fanless CPU, excellent heat dissipation

Low power consumption, energy saving

Rugged design, shockproof, high durability, can operate in various harsh environments

Rich I / O to ensure the safety of data transmission

Remote monitoring and intelligent control