Problem description : keyboard error or no keyboard present show on screen after booting, Mini PC cannot access operating system

Analysis:Keyboard error or no keyboard. Please Re-plug keyboard to try. If still unsolved, restart Mini PC and press [Delete ] to enter BIOS, find HALT ON under STANDARD BIOS SETUP and set it to ALL BUT KEYBOARD.  



Problem description: CMOS Battery State Low show on screen after booting

Analysis: CMOS power supply is insufficient. Please replace CMOS battery.


Problem description: When start a Mini pc that is unused for a period of time, nothing show on screen, and with constant bee-bee-bee sounds

Analysis: Please check whether the memory is disconnected or contacted well. If yes but still solved, check whether capacitor burst. If no please replace CMOS battery.


Problem description: When Mini PC is shutdown because suddenly loses power, it will boot automatically when power is connected again.

Analysis: Enter BIOS, find [Advanced Power Management], set RESTORE ON AC POWER LOSS as POWER OFF.


Problem description: After being used for a period of time, Mini pc has problems of crash, blue screen, and other malfunctions. The problems is still unsolved after re-install operating system.

Analysis: Excessive dust on the surface of motherboard could cause short circuit. Please clear the dust by blower or brush.


Problem description: Mini pc shutdown suddenly when it is being used normally. And it cannot reboot by pressing power button, nothing show on screen, but indicator light on.

Analysis: Re-plug memory to try. If  still unsolved, discharge CMOS, then restart Mini PC.


Problem description: Mini PC cannot boot, and with steady beep sound.

Analysis: re-plug memory