2021 ShareVDI Annual Meeting & Sales Conference

 2022-01-23    PV:242

Time: 20th-22th Jan       Location: Huizhou, Guangdong province

20th Jan,2022, under the premise of ensuring travel safety, all staff were with 48-hour "negative" nucleic acid test result and held a three-day, two-night Team Development + Annual Meeting + Sales meeting in Huizhou.


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In the afternoon of 20th Jan, 2022, our company organized a team development activity. It mainly includes items such as desert nuggets, team numbering off, team throwing water bottles, team shouting slogans, team climbing 4.5m honor wall (without any tools) and other items. Under the leadership of the coach, we gradually opened up the limitations of our thinking in these small games, and completed the things that the team thought was impossible step by step in a shorter and more efficient way.


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In the evening of 21th Jan, 2022, our company held an Annual Party. During the party, Each department carefully prepared a show, include dance, sketch and talk show, and everyone applauded to them warmly. Various awards were also presented, including Best Team Award, Sales Champion Award, Best Assistant Award, Best Newcomer Award, Team Leap Award, and Individual Leap Award. It is mainly to commend the outstanding sales teams and individuals in the past year, and to let everyone know that every effort is rewarded.


In the afternoon of 22th Jan,2022, our company held a Sales Conference. First of all, Mr. Xiong Wei, the general manager, made a summary of the overall performance in 2021 and made an in-depth analysis of the market situation in 2022, so that we can understand the sales situation of the entire company in 2021 and the target direction in 2022.then, each salesman took the stage to explain his work achievements and deficiencies in 2021, and our prospects in 2022. Here, we officially say goodbye to 2021, and we are heading towards 2022 with goals.

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