Industrial Touch Panel PC Solution is the trend of industrial intelligence

 2020-07-15    PV:193

Affected by the epidemic, the demand for unmanned automation equipment is growing in industrial manufacturing. Being the main part of automation equipment, the fanless industrial touch panel PC can be applied to more end user industrial environments, such as the embedded touch panel in CNC equipment, panel PCs are used to display the operating procedures in production line and at the wharf, fanless touch screen PC is used to issue instructions for loading cargo etc.


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So what are the features of industrial panel PC application? As we know, industrial all in one computer has important characteristics of a standard computer, such as CPU, hard disk, memory, peripherals and interfaces, and operating system, control network and protocol, computing power etc. However, as the core equipment of intelligent manufacturing that replacing manual work or a traditional desktop computer, touch panel PC is not simply a computer, but the trend of the technology and industry development, which makes it playing a more important role in manufacturing in future.


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1. Solution for industrial PC all in one is required for different end user environment

The service model has changed: Under the traditional model, industrial panel PC manufacturers are only required to provide clients the simple the hardware, assure the hardware quality. Nowadays, in the era of rapid development of electronic products, clients are no longer satisfied with stock hardware, and are more inclined to provide an overall solution about industrial computers for different end user environment, which is bound to change the service mode of the entire industrial computer industry. Obviously, with the integrated industrial desktop PC, the use of cloud computing, cloud storage and other information technology to build a complete intelligent manufacturing system solution for industry applications will be more favored by users. Intelligence, networking, and digitization: With the promotion of computer network technology, especially the rise of the industrial Internet, industrial iot PC that have been considered relatively closed and professional have been opening up.


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2. The technological development direction of industrial panel PC application

The promulgation of "Made in China 2025" further confirms the direction of the development of industrial control systems to intelligent, networked and digital. This also puts forward requirements for intelligence, networking and digitization of rugged panel computer and technologies. Customization and specialization have become the future trend: More and more industrial all in one computers manufacturers began to focus on clients' needs, providing  clients with customized services and products, this is the development trend of the industrial computer industry. In fact, the customization and specialization of fanless industrial panel PC is developed along with its expanding application fields. As industrial computer applications become more and more widespread, industrial computer manufacturers must consider the industry's usage habits and standards, and strengthen their attention to application requirements.


3. Information security issues has been attracted much attention

With the increasing application of the Industrial iot PC, an new industry manufacturing is coming. The original closed industrial control system is opening to more applications, and the network environment is characterized by diversification and complexity. How to ensure the information security of industrial panel PC application is more important. In recent years, the firewall devices joins in industrial control system, it makes the solution more completely and safely.

However we can see, as the core part of an automation equipment, an rugged panel computer can highly improve the work efficiency and it can be used for many kinds of end user environments, the popular use of automation equipment and increasing attention in the information security will also bring industrial computer manufacturers more opportunities, too.


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