What is industrial micro PC?

 2019-06-14    PV:210

In our daily life, we often see many intelligent devices such as ATM, POS, Digital signage and industrial all-in-one machines etc. These intelligent device not only facilitate our lives, but also ensure the efficient and safe production of enterprises. When it comes to these intelligent devices, you have to mention the industrial micro PC, because it is the core to keep these devices running and performing good. So what is industrial micro PC? What features they have when compare to a personal computer? 

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What is industrial micro PC?

Industrial micro PC is a mini industrial PC computer composed of large-scale integrated circuits that designed for industrial computing system. It has basic features of a standard computer, such as CPU, hard disk, memory, peripherals, interfaces, as well as operating systems, control  networks and protocols, computing capabilities, interfaces. 

Industrial micro PC can be widely used in many fields such as medical, retail, surveillance, electronic billboards, factory control intelligent transportation, communication, monitoring, CNC machine tools, finance, aerospace, etc.


What can industrial micro PC do?

Industrial micro PC is a small fanless computer specially designed for industrial control, which is used to monitor and control the equipment, production process, data parameters, etc in the production process. Industrial micro PC often operates in harsh environments and require higher data security, which require it has to be designed with reinforcement, dust, moisture, corrosion and radiation protection. Industrial PC computer has very high requirements for scalability, and the design of the interface needs to meet specific external equipment. In most cases, industrial micro PC needs to be individually customized to meet the needs.

What features of an industrial micro PC when compare to a traditional computer?

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1. High reliability

Industrial micro PC is often used to control the continuous production process. It is not allowed to shut down for maintenance during operation. Any failure will lead to quality accidents or even production accidents. Therefore, industrial computer manufacturers would use high-quality hardware such as chips, CPUs, multi-core processors, graphics cards, etc., to improve the reliability and stability of the industrial PC computer, and reduce the failure rate and maintenance time.


2. High real-time performance

Because industrial Micro PC must respond to various parameter changes of the controlled object in real time, it can control and detect the production process in real time. When there is a deviation or failure in the process parameters, it must be able to respond in real time and give alarms and processing in real time. Therefore, the industrial PC computer has to equipped with a real-time multitasking operating system and interrupt system to ensure the smooth development of operations.


3. Strong environmental adaptability

Due to the harsh industrial environment, industrial micro PC need to use ultra-high-quality hardware components and outer case materials that gives strong environmental adaptability to make sure it can withstand harsh environments such as high temperature, severe cold, and humidity and are dust-proof, anti-corrosion, Anti-vibration, strong shock resistance.

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4. Rich input and output interface

Industrial PC computer has to with multi-function input and output matching interface such as analog, digital, pulse, etc which can ensure that the industrial control function is matched with the process instrumentation and can deal with various signals, making the control and detection process more intelligent, which is beneficial to improve production and work efficiency.


5. Redundancy

To make sure the high reliability, in most case industrial micro PC has to be with dual computing and redundant systems, including dual control stations, dual operating stations, dual network communications, dual power supply systems, dual power supplies, etc to ensure long-term uninterrupted systems work.


This is a basic introduction of industrial micro PC. Hope you know more about it after reading this article. In fact, with the emergence of new technologies and applications such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence equipment and automatic driving, industrial PC computers are constantly being upgraded and their characteristics are becoming more and more abundant to make them fit more application needs. If you are looking for a high-quality industrial PC computer, welcome to consult ShareVDI's Technology for more details.