Kick off the Work in 2022

 2022-02-10    PV:887

ShareVDI team officially ended the holiday on 10th February, 2022. All employees returned to the company with enthusiasm. The production line, technical team, sales team, and after-sales team are all online. Pending orders before and during the holiday will be prioritized to produce and ship out. All other pre-orders of Mini PC / Thin client / Industrial panel PC can be arranged and shipped normally as well. You are welcome to consult.


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Why does the company give a "Red Pcoket of Kick off" on the first day of work?

After the Chinese New Year's holiday, the company gives "Red Pcoket of Kick off" to employees on the first day of work, which means "good luck". The intention is to be festive and to seek auspiciousness for the New Year.

The amount of money is not important, the important thing is to deliver a good blessing and spread a corporate culture, which is undoubtedly worthy of praise. After all, the "Red Pcoket of Kick off" is not only related to our country's traditions, but also encourages employees, which can effectively improve employees' good will towards the company.

Sending "Red Pcoket of Kick off" to employees can not only make employees feel very fresh, but also give employees a surprise, so that employees can psychologically expect to go to work in advance, eliminate anxiety, loss and even resistance, and enter the working state as soon as possible. At the same time, it is also innovating enterprise management methods, promoting the formation and development of enterprise system culture, so as to shorten the distance between employees and managers, and form a "family effect".

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