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SHAREVDI passed the quality authentication of ISO 9001 !


SHAREVDI passed the quality authentication of ISO 9001 !

SHAREVDI factory has already passed the quality authentication of ISO9001 smoothly!


After half a year of hard work, our company successfully passed the ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification and audit, and obtained the ISO9001 quality management system certification on November 10, 2016. The establishment and implementation of the quality management system will help the company to continuously improve its quality management level and establish a good corporate image and reputation in the market competition, which is of great significance to the company's long-term development. This marks that SHAREVDI factory has entered the modern enterprise management track of standardization, standardization and scientific.

As a professional custom ARM, LINUX underlying and protocol optimized, it handles high-definition and 3D decoding. It specializes in the production of ARM, X86 terminals and all-in-one manufacturers. It will use this worldwide quality management system in future operations. Continue to strengthen various basic management, strengthen the company's strength, continuously improve the quality management level, improve the company's reputation and reputation, and strive to be customer satisfaction products.


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