Mini industrial pc is the core of automatic visual inspection

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With the development of modern technology, machine vision has becoming more and more important in manufacturing. The most commonly used function of the vision machine is defect detection, which is used to detect various information on the surface of the product. During product manufacturing, each process in mass production has a certain defective rate. Although the ratio is small when viewed individually, it can becomes a bottleneck for factory to improve the yield rate after being multiplied. And the cost will be much higher if the defective products are removed after the complete process.


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In some dangerous working environments that are inconvenient for manual operations or human vision is difficult to complete, machine vision is often used to replace human vision; at the same time, in the industrial production process, manual visual inspection is inefficient and not accurate for product quality control. The use of machine vision inspection methods can greatly improve production efficiency and the degree of automation of production.


The advantages of Automatic visual inspection with Industrial control computer applied in manufacturing

1. High accuracy: human vision is at 64 gray levels, and the resolution for small targets is very weak; machine vision can significantly improve the gray level, and it can observe micron targets;

2. Fast speed: humans cannot see fast moving targets, while shutter time of the machine can reach the microsecond level;

3. High stability: Machine vision solves a very serious problem for humans, which is instability. Manual visual inspection is a dull and laborious work. No matter what reward and punishment system you design, there will be a relatively high rate of missed inspections. But machine vision inspection equipment has no fatigue problems, no mood swings, as long as you write program, it will execute the task carefully all the time. In the quality control, the effect controllability is greatly improved.

4. Information integration and retention: The information obtained by machine vision is comprehensive and traceable, the relevant information can be easily integrated and retained.


In the machine vision system, the industrial mini computer is the "brain" of the entire inspection system, which require the industrial computer that needs to be configured in to the system has high performance and quality. As a professional rugged computer manufacturer focusing on industrial computer system, ShareVDI has released different rugged industrial PC series product based on end user's requirement in machine vision inspection industry.


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ShareVDI F17H Industrial Box PC designed for Automated visual inspection

-Compact, industrial rugged mini PC design;

-Easy and quick installation, support power-on boot, convenient for user management;

-Supports Win7, WIN8, WIN10, Linux Industrial computer systems;

-Large-area for aluminum fin heat dissipation , rugged fanless PC design, improve the heat dissipation efficiency and ensure the stability during long-term use;

-The body is made of aluminum alloy material, combined with the precision anode aging process, which has a better visual feel and strong environmental adaptability;

-Extendable 6 Gigabit Ethernet RJ45, 2 network ports, built in wireless module;

-Intel Celeron/Core i3/i5/i7 processors are available to fit different requirements of computing speed and capacity;

-Support wide range of temperature and humidity; Dust-proof,shock-proof, good electromagnetic compatibility, high anti-interference ;

-Support 4 camera USB ports, 2 serial ports, 2 HDMI, 1 VGA supports simultaneous dual display and different display.


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ShareVDI mini industrial PC performs real-time online detection and control for the industrial manufacturing process. The motherboard adopts unique design, manufacturing, and test processes, which shortens the trouble-free operation time and quicker responds to the changes in working conditions, and timely collect and output regulation, watchdog self-reset in distress to ensure the normal operation of the system. 


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