Industrial Panel PC used for CNC Machine

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CNC machine is one of the major application of the industrial panel PC. A wide variety of CNC machine use different control solutions, but the principle is basically the same. Most of them are composed of upper computer and lower computer, which forms of a traditional CNC machine.

The upper computer of traditional CNC machine generally adopts industrial panel computer, and the PLC control module of the lower computer is connected to the upper computer through a data line to realize data transmission and command control. The main advantage of this scheme lies in the separation of hardware of different functional modules, and the specialized hardware is used to handle specialized calculation and control, thus achieving higher stability. The shortcomings are also particularly obvious. The composition cost of this scheme is relatively high, and there are many types of hardware, which is not conducive to cost control and later maintenance.

At present, with the development of software technology, more and more software PLC modules have been successfully applied to the CNC machine, which achieve high and stable operation and effective cost control. Using a high-performance, high-stability industrial computer as a platform, equipped with a professional software PLC module, can realize the traditional combination of good and good product form, which is a development mode of industrial control of CNC machine industry.

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The CNC machine tool control system is mainly composed of numerical control device (CNC), servo system (including feed servo and spindle servo), machine tool strong current control system (including programmable control system and relay contactor control system), etc. Among them, CNC refers to the Program control system for CNC machine tools. It can logically process a program specified by a control code or other symbolic instructions, and decode it by a computer, so that the machine tool can execute the specified action. For CNC, the industrial panel PC control mode is generally used now, because the integrates multi-functional components of display, touch and control, and its own USB and COM port communication methods can realize fast docking and integration with other devices, including PLC, robot, CCD camera, ball head, etc.

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ShareVDI product solutions:

Take ShareVDI 15.6-inch industrial panel PC as an example, our A series products have abundant I/O ports, which can meet the complex interface requirements of multiple external devices and are suitable for more scenarios and needs of CNC system. ShareVDI provide industrial all in one computers with different processor platforms, different sizes, hardware interface configurations, and protection levels. The installation methods are also various, which can meet the integration and intensive needs of CNC machine .

Product features

1. AMD 6500T quad core, low power designed processor;

2. IP65 grade protection, shock and compression resistance;

3. 15.6 '' touch screen, 1920*1080p resolution, 10 point multi-point capacitive touch;

4. Compact and fanless, large area aluminum fin cooling system design;

5. Rich IO interface: 2 Ethernet port, 4 USB ports, 1-2 serial ports, 1 HDMI, 1 VGA port;

6. Industrial standard LCD screen, support wide working temperature range from -20~+70°C range.

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