How to choose a right POS PC for your business?

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A point of sale system enables retail transactions easier to accept payments. However, a POS unit is not just a cash register. It can also automate orders, keep track of inventory and prices, and streamline a business’ accounting tasks. While several devices make up POS systems, point of sale computers tie them together. 

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POS PC is short for point of sale computers. It is necessary to consider the size and needs of a business while researching how to buy a business computer for a POS system. A small shop with low patronage can make do with a basic computer and a cash drawer. A supermarket with thousands of products and high patronage needs a more robust POS system, comprising of multiple POS computers and payment processors. Before ordering these computers, business owners should know the different options available and how to pick the right one for their retail establishments.

A Quick Guide to desktop POS computers

Desktop POS computers are direct replacements for cash registers. They are situated at specific locations in stores, restaurants and other business venues. If your retail establishment has a dedicated checkout area, then desktop POS computer unit is the right computer for your business. This computing device should be in a central area of the store and close to the exit. Recently years the desktop mini PCs has replaced the bulky desktop computers for POS system due to the features of small size,enough performance and multiple I/O ports.

Basically, Mini POS PC System consists of:POS解决方案 插图2.jpg

1. Mini PC

2. Touch screen monitor or Mouse & Keyboard+Monitor

3. Cash Drawer

4. Laser Barcode Scanner

5. Thermal Receipt Printer

6. POS Software

●Mini PC:A full set of POS system with Windows 10. It normally require web based POS software or use with your own software. The PC is the key point. ShareVDI designs mini PC with fanless cooling system, the full aluminum housing and industrial components makes it durable and reliable to run 24/7. Small enough to fit under the printer or under a bench top.

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The processor/memory/storage are choosable according to the performance and space requirement.

 Available processor: Intel celeron/Intel core i3/i5/i7/AMD

 Memory from 2GB up to 16GB RAM

 Storage from 32GB up to 512GB SSD

 Basic I/O ports: 1xVGA, 1xHDMI, 1xLAN, 6xUSB, 2xRS232

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●Touch screen monitor for POS: With VGA cable to connect the mini PC for display and an USB cable that controls the touch screen part of the monitor. The resolution and screen type selected according to the requirement and budget.

●Receipt Printer: Thermal Receipt Printer comes with power supply, USB, serial cable and driver disc. It has a USB/Serial/LAN interface and can be connected by any of these methods.

●Cash Drawer: A heavy duty cash drawer with 5 note and 8 coin compartments along with a lift out coin tray. The cash drawer need cable that allows it to connect receipt printers.

●Barcode Scanner: A standard laser scanner with a USB interface. 

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