ShareVDI RK3399 Android board for retail industry

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With the development of the IoT and the consumption pattern changes, the circulation channels of commodities such as supermarkets and shopping malls are gradually restricted by factors such as site restrictions and shopping convenience. The increase in labor management costs is also restricting the development of supermarkets and convenience stores. The arrival of new retail has changed people's consumption habits. Consumers' demand for shopping convenience has surged. A large number of smart vending machines, unmanned convenience stores, and unmanned supermarkets have emerged as new commodity circulation channels. Hospitals, communities, scenic spots, subway stations and other scenes can be seen everywhere. The emergence of smart containers frees people from the constraints of time, place and other conditions when shopping, and greatly liberates their purchasing behavior. In line with the market demand, ShareVDI provides ARM-based Android board for the new retail industry with more than ten years of developing and manufacturing, helping customers to shorten the product development time and improve product stability.

Solution Overview 

ShareVDI is specialized in hardware development providing industrial embedded motherboard solutions with Android system for various enclosed equipment. Customers can develop the underlying software to realize remote operation and maintenance management, report fault information at any time, and display the advertising information of each container in the background. Regional replenishment, combined with big data to analyze the consumption situation in the region to facilitate targeted stocking. The intelligent vending container solution integrates communication, control and display functions, and can realize intelligent operations such as intelligent container advertisement playback, touch screen, payment and remote management, effectively improve operating efficiency, reduce operating costs, and maximize benefits.

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Product features 

● X901 Industrial Android Board , built-in ARM series chips, delivers stronger performance and better user experience, make the software runs faster and more smoother;

● It is fully compatible with displays of all sizes on the market, supports LVDS/eDP/HDMI multiple display interfaces, and supports up to 4K hardware solution, giving an unparalleled display effect, and the image display and digital information are clearly visible;

● With dual-screen display, screen splicing, display product information and settlement information, and support high-definition advertisement playback, making the display of products and advertisements more attractive and bringing more benefits to operators;

● Expansion interfaces are abundant, and the motherboard solution reserves enough external device interfaces (RS232, USB, LVDS, EDP, HDMI, SIM, RTC, SPK, Line in, Line out, etc.) to provide a variety of human-computer interaction, support touch screen, camera, human body induction and other interactive methods. ● Support camera, sensor and other hardware access, fully cover IoT device connection management; unified empowerment through platform open interface to achieve data sharing;

● Gigabit Ethernet, 2.4G/5G dual-band WiFi, Bluetooth, TF card expansion, support for wake-up on LAN, support for custom function settings customize to meet individual needs, provide system development customization, tailoring, application development, etc., provide SDK source code, technical documents and other technical materials, support technology docking, make secondary development more convenient, and speed up the product development process.

Solution Framework  

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X901 Android Board Introduction 

X901 is a high-speed Android board carefully crafted by ShareVDI. It adopts Rockchip 6-core RK3399 processor with a main frequency of 2.0GHz. It has 3G, 4G data communication interface, USB3.0 high-performance device interface, supports RS232 serial port, WIFI (2.4G/5G) and other common external devices, with rich interfaces and stable performance. Support Android7.1/Ubuntu18.04/Kylin domestic operating system, complete software support, open source code is suitable for secondary development of enterprises, widely used in new retail self-service vending machines, commercial display advertising machines, self-service terminals, smart parking lots, smart homes etc., scene.


X901 Andriod board I/O ports 

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