Windows Thin Client Education Solution

 2021-05-14    PV:2045

Sharevdi thin client desktop classroom solution is specially created for the education industry. It is suitable for computer lab, computer training room, electronic reading room and other general computer room scenes of secondary colleges and departments.


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Project Background

There are often hundreds of traditional desktops in schools. It is very complicated and burdensome for operation and maintenance personnel to maintain and deploy new teaching applications for hundreds of PCs. Currently most of the schools are still using this kind of standalone desktop to maintain and manage. It is more flexible and convenient for students to use individually, however, it will bring a lot of operation and maintenance work to the administrator. The independent operation of each desktop will not only increase the maintenance work of teachers and computer room administrators, but also brings a lot of unsafe factors.

Meanwhile, each traditional desktop needs to be upgraded individually from time to time. When courses need to be changed, teachers or computer room administrators must spend a lot of time in advance to reconfigure the operating system and install applications one by one. Therefore, this kind of repetitive work has a huge workload and low efficiency, which greatly increases management costs.


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In order to solve this problem, ShareVDI Technology develops a full set solution with lower down zero client cost help the school to share computing resources and serve more students, more efficiently. 

Sharevdi thin client device can make desktop computing extremely simple. Thin Computing comes with thin client software. It is a teaching management software which is developed based on teaching scenarios. It has a simple thin client OS and interface, friendly functions, and zero client computers can be simply used by teachers. One-click on and off classes, student signing, screen monitoring, broadcast teaching, student presentations, and quizzes, sending and receiving files, sending messages, remote commands, remote controlling and other teaching functions.


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Features of Sharevdi Windows Thin Client solution

1.Simple installation and simple maintenance, experienced teachers can operate and maintain it easily;

2. One-key turn on and off the thin client desktop, batch installation of management software, one-key switch student desktop;

3. Restore the desktop function, reboot automatically to restore the student desktop;

4. Student cloud disk function, each student can access his own cloud disk with an independent account and password;

5. Course management: Teachers can automatically start classes through management software, that is, the zero client system will automatically switches the teaching environment at a set time, which can not only simplifies the teacher's work to switch the teaching environment, but also saves the time waiting for the student desktop computers to boot after starting the class.


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The Benefit of All-In-One Zero Client Solution

✔ Quickly deploy and upgrade the latest teaching application software in batches to meet the teaching needs of schools;

✔ Improve the operation and maintenance efficiency, reduce the maintenance workload of the computer room, and reduce labor costs;

✔ Keep the original user habits, greatly reduce the technical staffs' workload;

✔ Maintain the same user experience as the original desktop, and support 1080p HD video playback;

✔ High reliability, support server cluster management;

✔ It supports various peripherals, it has good compatibility with different peripherals;

✔ Reduces the traditional purchase cost by replacing with lower cost windows thin client ;

✔ Enhances the security thin client device for schools, offices, computer labs and libraries, avoiding virus threats, desktop corruption and thin client device theft;

✔ Less e-waste & noise for a quiet user environment and with minimal size to save space for schools, offices, computer labs and libraries.

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