ShareVDI Ultra Thin Client for Zibo Technician College in China

 2021-09-15    PV:1060

Since the traditional desktop PC is difficult to manage, college operating costs are high, the startup time is really long, and students'desktop is difficult to controlled by teachers. The college wants to improve this situation and replace the traditional desktop computer to the ultra thin client solution. The college has successfully deployed 100 seats in 2 classrooms with ShareVDI zero client PC R1. With linux thin client rdp solution, it is easier to manage and maintain. It helps the teacher to meet the daily teaching needs and run AutoCAD, Photoshop, Office and other software smoothly. The ultra thin client solution also reduces the maintenance workload and ensures data security of the zero client PC. Each smart station thin client can log in to the desktop through management software with the account and password, the startup procedure is fast, which saves waiting time in the classroom and effectively improves the teaching efficiency of the teacher.   


Project Background

Country: China

End User: Classroom in Zibo Technician College

Total number of server deployed: 2
Total number deployed: 50 seats in 1 classroom


Product information
Product : Ultra Thin Client

Thin Client Model: R1

Applications: AutoCAD、Photoshop、Office etc.

Server Configuration
CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2640 v3
Memory: DDR4 8GB ECC
HDD for storage: 1.2TB, SATA3 in RAID 0

OS: Windows 10 


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