ShareVDI Zero Client Solution for Electronic Reading Room

 2021-06-17    PV:276

Sharevdi had deployed a 164 seats electronic reading room with windows zero client R1 in Henan,China.

In the way of sharing cloud desktop, the reading room places the e-book library resources on the server to ensure the data security, which allows students to access the book resources by entering the server IP address and account password in the smart zero client. Students can quickly and conveniently retrieve and browse the required information, which not only facilitates maintenance but also improves their reading experience.

Project Background

Country: China

End User: Electronic Reading Room in Henan

Total number of server deployed: 4
Total number deployed: 164 seats in 1 room


Product Information
Product: smart zero client

Thin Client Model: R1

Applications: Reading Room Software, browser etc

Server configuration:
Processor: Intel XEON E5-2650 V4@2.2G*2 
Memory: 160G(2133MHz)
Solid state: 480G

Hard disk: 4T
Server Operating System: Microsoft Windows server 2012 R2 standard

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