ShareVDI Thin Client X1N for Private Primary School in Indonesia

 2019-07-05    PV:313

ShareVDI Thin client X1N is deployed at 240 seats in Indonesia private primary school successfully, total 6 classrooms. With thin client in cloud computing and multiple functions of management software, teachers can manage class progress more easily, and give a better interactive teaching course to students. 


Project Basic Information

Country: Indonesia 

End User: Computer Lab in Private Primary School

Total number of server deployed: 6
Total number deployed: 40 seats in 1 classroom


Product information
Product: Thin Client terminal

Thin Client Model: X1N
Applications: Online School Test, MS office 2010, Google, Fox browser, Flash player, Music player etc.

Server Configuration
CPU: Intel Core i7 
Memory: 32G
HDD for storage: 1TB
OS: Windows 10 

Site Photos

印尼TC案例 插图1.jpg 印尼TC案例 插图4.jpg

印尼TC案例 插图2.jpg

印尼TC案例 插图3.jpg

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