Industrial PC K6-F17H used for Parking Payment Machine in UK

 2022-10-21    PV:165

The Parking payment Machine is a terminal device used for self-service payment in the parking lot management system, it mainly uses the license plate recognition integrated machine to identify the vehicles entering and exiting the park, replaces the setting of the post box through centralized management and control, and replaces the manual charging by mobile payment, thereby realizing the intelligent management of no card charging and unattended operation. The system can effectively simplify the user's parking process, reduce the cost of management personnel, and improve the utilization rate and economic benefits of the parking building, which has been widely recognized by the market.



Product Configuration

Project Name: Self-Packing Payment Machine in Russia

Model Name: K6-F17H-J4125

CPU: Intel Celeron J4125 quad core 2.0Ghz~2.7Ghz

Memory: 4GB RAM

Storage: 64GB SSD

I/O port: 4*COM+2*LAN+2*HDMI+DP+6*USB+Type C+MIC/SPK+DC

OS: Windows 10 pro

Quantity: 680 units

Installation: Embedded



*Acceptance of Bank cards, including contactless PayPass;

*Installing a barcode scanner to work with discounts;

*Acceptance of payments by banknotes. Multilevel authenticity verification of banknotes;

*Being in touch with one-time and regular customers. Payment of subscriptions;

*Calculation and giving change in banknotes;

*Printing fiscal receipts;

*Voice-communication with operator;

*Dispenser for issuing penalty cards;

*Multilingual interface with the possibility of additional localization;

*IP-video camera with Fisheye wide-angle lens;

*UPS for operation in case of power supply turning off;

*Climate control for operation during cold seasons.




In the latest parking lot management system, the most advanced license plate recognition technology is adopted, which can automatically determine the validity of the license plate when the vehicle enters and exits the park, and completes entry and exit registration, camera and release; after entering and parking, the parking space detection through the visual video recognition technology, the device will upload the corresponding vehicle image, parking time and other information to the centralized management and control platform to achieve effective supervision of the vehicle; when the owner of the car comes out, you can choose PayPass, PayWave, Apple Pay, Android Pay to pay independently; The system also supports remote communication function. If the owner encounters problems at the import and export, he can also realize real-time voice/video communication with the management personnel of the monitoring center through related equipment. At present, the parking lot management system has been effectively applied in many parts of the country. In the process of realizing unmanned and intelligent management, ShareVDI's embedded computer hardware F17H series can serve as its technical carrier.

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