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SHAREVDI Thin Client Solution

  • Cost-effective

    Low maintenance costs, ease of deployment and low power consumption, all features makes Sharevdi being the ideal solution for your thin client choice.

  • High Performance
    High Performance

    Powered by an Quad-core CPU,Sharevdi thin client is aimed at knowledge workers and power users who require full HD, Multimedia, 3D and CAD performance.

  • Friendly Experience
    Friendly Experience

    The mini sized design and instructive management console,all makes your IT job easier,what is more,it brings the user a VDI environment with multimedia capacity for virtual desktops with no moving parts.

  • Excellent Service
    Excellent Service

    Covered by a 3-Year Advance Warranty, technical support and free software upgrades,you will be enjoying a timely, attentive, upbeat service provided by us or our local partners.

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