Motherboard of Robot Autonomous Navigation

 2022-11-12    PV:1552

In the past two years, the intelligent robot industry has developed rapidly, and has been favored by many industries from logistics, medical care, hotels to catering. While ensuring the efficiency of distribution, the emergence of intelligent robots with the characteristics of "unmanned, non-contact, high-precision positioning, and multi-task parallelism" can effectively liberate manpower, improve service levels and accuracy, and help the industry reduce costs and increase efficiency.



ShareVDI Technology is a professional manufacturer of embedded computer.Focusing on the intelligent robot industry, it has launched a variety of embedded computer hardware with X86 and ARM architectures with excellent performance, including embedded motherboards, embedded barebones, industrial computers and industrial panel PC, etc., can be used in the control system of intelligent distribution robots.


Share VDI Embedded Motherbaord “NANO-ITX AIMB-K604

*Intel 10th Gen Gemini Lake Quad Core Processor

*4Cores/4Threads TURBO BOOST up to2.7GHZ

*2*Intel I225 2.5G Network

*Support DDR42400/2666/3200MHZ RAM


*4COM,COM1 supports RS485

*1*M.2+1*SATA3.0HDD Interface

*1*MINI PCIE supports half height/full height/4G Module

*Support two power supply modes of 12VDC+4PIN terminal


Intelligent catering distribution robots, especially in human resource-intensive industries, can replace manpower to tirelessly repeat cumbersome and high-intensity tasks, so the demand is growing rapidly.


Intelligent distribution robots help the logistics industry. The logistics and distribution robots use multiple types of sensors, industrial control software and hardware to perform fusion perception and positioning. They have the advantages of high load, all-weather work, and intelligent interaction. They are equipped with panoramic video monitoring systems, etc., which can accurately sense the surrounding environment and plan their own routes, Identify traffic lights, and realize flexible distribution of indoor and outdoor materials.


Intelligent distribution robots help the medical industry intelligent distribution robots enter the hospital, which can quickly and accurately complete the distribution of medicines, medical equipment and other materials, and also have functions such as voice reminders, automatic identification of crowds, and obstacle avoidance. It also supports the work of large-scale disinfection and sterilization by carrying a disinfection box, so as to reduce the risk of cross-infection during the epidemic.


Intelligent distribution robots help the catering industry Intelligent distribution robots in the catering industry are mainly responsible for delivering meals, returning orders, and leading the reception. The waiter only needs to put food and plates on the robot tray, and the delivery robot can plan its own route to complete the delivery. It is equipped with an industrial tablet computer, an intelligent voice system, etc., and can also provide customers with services such as voice prompts and queuing information retrieval.


There is still a lot of market space for intelligent distribution robots in the context of the rapid development of the "unmanned economy". In the process of realizing more application scenarios, there must be high-quality, high-performance embedded computers to provide key hardware support for it.


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